" honey in the tea "


be nice! at least attempt to give a damn!

you, yes you, can actually be a force for good! all it takes is a bit of gumption, confidence, and practice.

make an action and follow through with it. be kind, unabashedly kind. have empathy for everyone, even the ones who try to disrupt your world.

to know of a peace and not be able to invoke it's potential, that's a waste of time. so make the time. schedule a time, rid yourself of all distractions in order to get to task, make changes, check the little boxes off of your to-do lists.

it could start with a glance, a hand-hold, a hug, a conversation. i could be the beginning of something beautiful, and the ripples from the initial attempt never stop expanding.

tonight's homework:

really make a concerted and focused effort to do a little something to ease the aches and soothe the pain. just one moment necessary to turn a knot into smooth fibers, to steam out a wrinkle, and to undo a stubborn kink.