" with hot ears, fearing nothing "


the flush of heat which comes to the ears, face, neck, shoulders, then throughout the body, derives from many different inputs. fear, passion, embarrassment, happiness, shame, attraction.

it's always hard to pinpoint, but you can always feel the sensation creeping over the skin, as if the rush of blood throughout the capillaries increases in speed parallel to the feeling.

the ears are burning, the heart is aflutter, the muscles tense up slightly along the bones, and the eyes dilate in anticipation of every and all occasion. it is a poetry of soul, synapses, the physical being, and infinite outside forces.

i love when i do know the origin of that physical expression; the knowledge that a true emotion was felt, and now being emitted overpowers the body at rest. even a single thought can find footing in the real world.

tonight's homework:

whisper real close and slow, and speak the truth, so that the words carry the full weight of their intended meaning.