" how it turns out "


life is like this unplanned, unexpected amazing journey, and the best we can do with our time here, is to continuously seek an understanding of it. this occurs from some repetition with slight variations, calculated and uncalculated risk-taking within and without reason, and a little bit of that ole black magic.

oh snap, i spilled the salt or whoops i bumped into my life partner slipping on a stone or hi there you on the train no time to say hello, but somehow yes somehow i will find you in the world if it happened this one time it may happen again.

it's in the unexpected moments of one of these such events, where by way of a sort of alchemy, a true beauty emerges new to the realm of present and awoken reality. you never saw it coming, and now that it's here, you are dumbstruck, filled with love to the brim, and now you have a place to share it all.

the nature of expected outcomes then, becomes less of a priority. when you desire a certain authenticity in your life, you will begin to subconsciously and consciously attracting the proper elements. you will become a magnet for these experiences and occurrences, for these people, friends and lovers, and each minute becomes a near-constant beautiful journey.

it just happens apparently. things converge upon a point in space/time, molecules collide, a connection is made, and the span of the entire galaxy folds in and against itself, allowing us to pass through a wormhole of possibilities previously unimaginable.

tonight's homework:

make a venn diagram. make a few of them. sit down and have a think about what to place in each section. dissect the fabric of reality, and recreate it in your own image. understanding, heart, camaraderie, sharing, and communal social revelation, it begins somewhere.