" hues of home "


all the angles, all the corners, all the places you dared not go...they reside in this compartmentalized multi-faceted fluid structure in my head. the shape of which is only defined when i recall certain memories, or behind closed eyes relive events both pivotal and purely observational.

i was there once, at a time when i didn't know or understand what to be there at that moment meant to me. will i mourn the fact that the city has changed? will any one else grieve for its disappearance? or is this the way it is here, destined to shift and change, to become ethereal in light of time passing?

not only places and spaces, but people are like this as well. beacons of light in the darkness, or the constants in your life throughout. devoid of dropping out of the line of sight, never fading, never withdrawing from your heart.

to know i have been there, to have known them in that time, is to have such a connection that it defines itself interwoven with all the nerves and sinews. these are the bones, the marrow, the blood, and the flesh. we have never been strangers to one another, and we have never known another truth.

tonight's homework:

look back, reflect and find solace and life lessons to glean confidence from to move forward and beyond your boundaries. this winter has been amazing for personal growth, and i do not believe i am alone in this sentiment.