" hurtling towards all discovery "


not just dreaming it will happen, willing it. taking the time, making the necessary steps, and really playing an active role in the realization of those dreams. this is on the docket for today.

when you find yourself in front of something so massive, so overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable, it is easy to turn your head away to take a moment. it takes a great courage to defy the notion to slink away from, to cower under and separate from that sensation.

so let's make a solid go of it together. you and i, all of us, together. we are continuously forming a mighty ensemble of truth-seekers, creatives, doctors of the soul, healers, and activity partners. these will be your collaborators and supporters. the ones to lift you up and propel you forward.

you do not need to make a single sound to be brave, you just need to make the decision to follow your heart. the result of which will be nothing short of a lived life.

(i will be away for a couple weeks, looking to the horizon and channeling my own sense of adventure and discovery. i hope for you all that in these days to follow, you find your own sense of wish-fulfillment. the very best of luck to all of us, and i will see you soon.)