" i got your back "


whether lifting you up when you're down or in dire need, or coming to the rescue without the need for explanation, you must surround yourself with those people who will always support you.

the story of how we became friends and confidants could be simple or complex. the more important aspect of these relationships is that they remain true and honest.

over long distances or after immense blocks of time in between, these are our anchors. these are our banners, our peers, and our collaborators.

there is nothing quite like that sense of knowing you are remembered, thought of, and ultimately cared for and about. this is a priceless commodity in our lives, and it behooves us to recognize the gifts of our most valuable allies.

tonight's homework:

pay it forward by supporting someone or doing a good deed. put out that good energy into the world, so that when it is your time of need, someone will not hesitate or fear to help you.