" i dream of water "


wide black-blue oceans infiltrate my thoughts as my lids grow heavy late in the night. for the past week it's been nothing but water, water, all around, and all of us odd fish. i find myself calm at the shores, in the depths incubated by the global lull and ebb of the tides.

each person i see, a beautiful shimmer. each moment we have together, a treasure and with such a wealth beyond gold, all precious metals fall well beneath their glimmer.

and what is the secrets of these nocturnal stories? how am i to interpret their aquatic presences? all i know is i have always found great comfort as well as great fear in the ocean. all oceans. like a snake coiled ready to strike or a lush forest floor providing a wide shelter. i've seen all kinds.

upon awaking, i feel as if i've come up for air, and all is refreshed and renewed. there are sunbeams which permeate through the frosted glass windows, the soft sounds of morning walkers, and the ever-present sense that everything in the day to evolve will be the best day out of all of the ones before it.

tonight's homework:

work on calming your soul with an evening meditation. allow your ears to hear more than the sounds outside of yourself, your heart to find a steady rhythm, and your breath to find an invigorating meter.