" in and out of your element "



plans alter in a blink, and it's in the slightest suggestion of something better, something more enticing and desirable, where we change our minds from a mundane task into the revelatory.

you must use all of your experience, from the first day until today to reach this moment of shift. then sum up all of the pros and cons, taking into account the maxims as well as the fleetingly trivial. everything has a weight and a consequence, even indifference.

take this day into your own hands, and weigh the options. i'm sure when you see where you flex and bend, and where you are steadfast and true to a form, may also be more fluid than previously thought. 

tonight's homework:

it doesn't matter how much of an opinion you have unless you can use their divination as a tool for decision-making. so have a think, be honest, and strike a path anew.