" in awe of all things "


a day spent creating leading into an evening of happiness and reverie, leading into a night of indulgences, leading into a multi-faceted epic dream which spans a decade in dreamtime. i awoke during the night because of massive shifts in the dream-story. 

maybe my mind couldn't handle the shifts and changes in the narrative, so it woke me up and out of the dream. but once in the real world, with all of the knowledge that i was recently in a dream only, i willed myself to go back into the story.

i reconnected with friends, rode vehicles through deserts, crawled through abandoned monuments, ate food by a campfire, looked up to the stars for answers and inspirations. it was a great dream.

finding yourself enamored by the dreamscape, then fueling your creativity for another day. this is the way i have led my creative pursuits for the past handful. in knowing that my mind has the capacity to create such wonder while asleep, means that i may yet have the ability to manifest that same output and energies in my walking life.

instead of breaks between day and night, now exists only a cycle repeating itself with great variation and variable. a life spent seeking, exploring, creating, and giving back. this closes a loop which circles around on itself and unfurls into eternity.

tonight's homework:

make a drawing, any drawing. a scribble, a sketch of something. person, animal, object, flight of fantasy. make it deliberate and don't automatically disregard its validity. you've just put something new into the world which adds to its variation, and that is not nothing.