" in dreams "


  • i was on the ground and below a canopy of trees. someone was walking with me, but they heard some of their friends, and trailed off.

  • i realized i was dreaming, and decided to make a conscious decision to fly.

  • i flapped and swam my arms up and outward, kicking my legs to break through the treeline.

  • i began to fly above the trees, picking up speed and up into the air.

  • i flew through the clouds and above the earth.

  • the ocean was gray and violent below as i soared overhead.

  • the clouds were cold as i passed through them, and everything began to become a brilliant white. everything was white and enveloped me.

  • i felt myself losing altitude and i lowered my legs to land.

  • as i felt the ground below my feet i woke up and it was morning time, but i didn’t open my eyes for a few minutes so i could feel the echoes of the whole flight.

tonight's homework:

light some sage, sing a song aloud at dusk, lie flat on your back with your legs bent so your knees are up and together, and your feet remain flat to the ground as near to your tailbone as possible. five minutes of downtime, then get to task.