" inhabiting a time and space "


though you are supremely unique in your construction and in your implementations, you are not the first. and this is a blessing. we have benefitted so greatly by our fore-bearers, and it is in this time where we may find our footing. to know that the path has been prepared allows us the opportunity for innovation.

better yet, have a knowledge, a true history to fuel your interests and actions. feel the presence of those who came before us to aide in our own sense of forward momentum. there is nothing like discovering something about your own life which is blossomed and expanded by the discovery that you are not the first.

while believing we are the masters of all things present, there are echoes which resound in our everyday. those residual ephemera we feel are so permanent are so fleeting. the blips and flickers seem designed to distract and titillate, but we should know better than to merely follow the patterned lights.

tonight's homework:

know a love, share a love.