" in the dwelling of "


the approach is clear and still no sign of the love to take me in. so many unsettled nerves spinning and flitting about. we never really can tell how it'll all work itself out, and sometimes that is wretched.

and sometimes it's the most lovely gift. beauty unfolds its arms and we just nestle right inside those soft arcs. the blackness of that body as i lower my face deep to the torso. the calm. the immense sense of relief and rest.

despite the emptiness quotient in my life, i still feel my heart is a half full glass. we are going to make it i'm sure. there is little doubt. to be a good person, to do good for everyone, and to have best intentions always in mind, these are the attributes of someone who finds beautiful stops along the path.

i'm looking forward to great moments, surprises on behalf of my optimism. to identify the right timing when it passes by my field of vision. to know a home outside of my preexisting definitions.

tonight's homework:

have a hope, be mindful, but remain encouraged.