" in the blink "


it only take one sliver of time, to know you've experienced the infinite. to have had the opportunity to breathe it all in, and it all came down to the moment before, the moment of, and the moment soon thereafter.

thunder crack paddy whack, the sky splits open. sha-bang and ker-slam, the earth splits open and out spills the magma. the air cool to the touch soothes the aching soil, and even the stars shine through the daylight.

in that moment everything has changed. the location is different, even you are not the same person. and there is reason to be cautions, and there is reason to be celebratory. all things remain the same and are entirely changed forever.

the beauty in each moment; a distillation of endless possibility, now come together and focused like the pinpoint of light-energy through a magnifying glass. the memory now made, sealed by the weld of time passing on and on.

tonight's homework:

find a respect for your time, and spend it making your world and the world at large around us a better place.