" in this quality of shadow "


when there are no limitations on the components of a spoken conversation, it's all in the eyes. it's all in the breath. it's all in the posture and the ways in which we are forced to interpret the poetry of ourselves.

after days on the road, away from all things familiar, i've come to the realization that there is a glory in spoken words, and such beauty in the elongated silences.

sometimes the most life-altering moments are made more memorable by remaining in the pause of conversation. we can allow our imaginations to spread out and flex its muscles.

therein lies all of the words unsaid. between the grain and the lathe-marks, all of the truths of all shapes laid bare. the unfinished wood surface and the pocked metal tools. the dust and the settled shavings. we are of the earth and stone, of the water and of the flesh.

tonight's homework:

ind a quiet spot in your home and sit for five minutes in silence. whether you are versed in meditation techniques or merely sitting and observing, spend these five minutes devoid of all distractions. make a conscious effort to purge stress and the weight of the technological ping. let your mind wander and your spirit expand.