" in you, galaxies "


you are the entire world; a body of bread and flesh, nourishment and protection. you are sublime in your strength and praised for your endurance. teach us what it means to make a promise and keep it.

woman, mother, soil, the base elements behind all living things. blessings follow you throughout your life. each mark of your giving nature and sacrifices remain across the expanse of your body. lovely blemishes blushing with the vigor of the eternal.

in your sinews, endless energy. in your eyes, boundless insight. in your heart, the sturdiness and fortitude to inspire every person on this world to be better, do better, and make great efforts to do right by our species for the progress of all.

in your hands, the promise of a new day blossoms. you are seen, known, loved, revered. you are the bringer of the first breath to our lips, and the last thought before going to sleep each night.

tonight's homework:

tell your mother those things you appreciate about her. in the absence of mother's who have passed on, tell the one you call mother now your gratitudes. it is never a bad time to remind people how they make you feel.