" it looms over "


you must do your best to focus now. the odds are not necessarily against your favor, but when you take on a slight hesitation, or have manifest a doubt in yourself and your talents in the slightest, it festers and becomes a heavy burden.

there are numerous individuals on this earth, and yes a lot of them are successful, and yes a lot of them are beautiful in every way beyond belief and comparison, and yes they live lives well and beyond comprehension...but who cares?

why let outside forces and third parties dictate at all the arc of your trajectory? why let yourself down due to a side-by-side? there are bright lights in your talents, gifts which only you have the ability to bestow on the world. 

it's completely true. the world is a better place for you being in it, but you must interact with it. you must believe in your abilities and qualities, then make the best effort you've got. think of one thing you'd like to be better at. now think of another. and a third.

write them down, and set out a plan to overcome these supposed shortcomings. you are the best, most beautiful, most talented, most bright star in the universe, and you must discover that you are perhaps standing in your own path to success. 

tonight's homework:

give yourself a chance to do better. give someone else the chance to do better. we are all in this together, and sometimes you need to touch home base. get your ish together; it may pay off in unimaginable ways