" it's all fleeting "


the sunlight today, and how it lingered on my skin.

three small children accompanied by two mothers. two boys sit ona bench while a little girl hovers by a thigh. she leaves to approach the bench, and one of the boys leans slowly over denying her access to the seat. her expression does not waver and she leans into the edge. the boy relents and says "you can sit here," as if there were any other way it was going to go down.

thoughts of doubt about my "career," personal interests both people and activities, relevance as a human.

the complete satisfaction of a slightly tipsy mid-afternoon nap, so necessary and amazing however brief.

all people on the street and train today. how we locked eyes and i played that sociocultural game where i won't look away until you do. i always won, and i saw into the surface soul of each and every one of you.

it was a good friday, and it never ends.

tonight's homework:

sit outside and have a think about where you've been, where you are now, and where you'll be in the future. it's never too early to plan for fantastic adventure...or savings accounts and investments.