" it's in the details "


one of my favorite things about having my eyeglasses prescription updated is the clarity. the magical disorientation of clear vision is something that those with great vision simply do not experience.

there are distortions and refractions, reverse reflections and fragmentations, blurrings, bendings, bowings, compressions, chromatic aberrations, and a duplicitous amount of constant readjustment.

after a while, those experiences wane until your brain and body are in alignment with the tool, and your vision is returned to "normal." but what a magical time is the in-between; what wondrous ponderous beauty lies  inside of such visual malformation.

to know of two worlds, the one of supreme and pristine clarity, and one of luscious billowing softness. it is one of the strangest most backwards "gifts" i experience daily. and i feel that with each new pair of eyeglasses, i can not only readjust my vision, but also focus in more deliberately the entirety of my life's intent.

tonight's homework:

write a song, sing a song, share a song. feel free to express yourself.