" it was in this time "


i had an awakening inside the greenhouse. everything before passing through the invisible sheet of the threshold was the past. the intense humidity which existed on the other side became the entrance to the insides of my heart.

everything was more quiet, more in tune with the resonance of the Self. people whispered together in their paired observations. look at this plant, oooh, what is that, where's it from, i don't like that, watch out for its tendrils.

everything was in this room; the perils of mankind formed together in poisonous vegetation. life and death intermingled, and for a brief time, i knew what it meant to be truly alive.

there was no sense of being alone. the wide space was devoid of anything unnecessary. when confronted with such a careful curation, all the elements and ingredients, this is what they meant when they said that we all as individuals have the infinite capability to love.

the soft breath of heat washed over my skin and it was in this time that i became something whole from a collection of individual molecules.

tonight's homework:

know how to apologize, and when you do so on occasion, mean it.