" i will love you in wondrous ways "



echoes just echoes. ghosts on every corner and how to turn around them. not minding the cracks along the ground, because it shows that even the ground we walked on held the capacity to fracture. i am able to leave it all behind. fresh starts, new beginnings in each step.

my bodyweight holds for the briefest of moments, then it all falls away and my shoes sink into the snowbank. the deft sound is stopped abruptly and i'm standing up to my knees. sometimes i felt like this; standing and unable to speak the words, unable to get anything out.

it's so simple, the easiest of motions to touch a soul. to speak from the heart. to adhere to and augment a plan, to adapt, to flex, to have a belief in one another. the best part is we are here together, and the structure solidifies overnight, ramparts against all odds impenetrable.

just walking in silence with smiles shining in the moonlight. swimming in the ocean and paralleling the shapes of the waves. people-watching on the train, spinning in place until falling on the park grasses. the good times, the memories made, and kept warm by the knowledge that in the end it will most definitely work out. no need to rush or despair.

tonight's homework:

practice makes perfect, so get to it.