" je ne regrette rien "


picking up the pace or s  l  o  w  i  n  g  d   o   w   n, there's not a worry today. all about are held hands, held bodies, smiling faces beaming shining emanating luminous brilliant energies.

we are all a witness to a permeation of a soul, the development of an affection, and the taming of an errant distraction.

left right left right left left right right, hopping, skipping, jumping forward with both feet, laughing out loud into the air adding the the spectrum of colors in the world. tears forming from a true elation, a pleasurable and sincere joy.

a belly aching with this accelerated blood pressure, with this quickening of breath, with this flexion of musculature, with this mad rush of oxygen into and through the tissues.

and then, a stillness.

a heat, then a soft breeze like music flowing through the streets, through the hollows, through the low grasses, through the heart.

tonight's homework:

eat healthy, spend ten minutes being silly, relax by a window or in the streets with a nice slow observational walk, cup of hot tea, read a book, dental hygiene, mental hygiene, the deepest of sleeps.