" just everything at all times "


it wells up in your heart ready to burst through with all of the stored energy. the feeling of love permeating throughout all the muscles, relaxing and clutching, pumping and flexing. the fission and the chain reactions of existence.

wanting to reach out, wanting to hold back, anting to sing out loud, wanting to slink back against the frames and slowly shy away from all light sources. if they don't see my face as i shut my eyes tightly, i won't exist.

wanting to create something with all fervor, wanting to sit and do nothing, wanting to lean over the railings and spitting into the ocean, smiling and gleaning. the feeling of hot and cold meeting, the pistons firing, the foghorn bleating into the night air. if they see my actions and good nature, i will be aglow like a lamp with all manner of creatures attracted to my illumination.

it finds you out even though the covers are tucked in on the sides. the feeling of comfort and solace floating through and out of your soul, the deep sleep creeping along your skeleton, a longing for slumber. the sweet sweet release of the day, and knowing you made a difference.

tonight's homework:

let a minimum of five people you know exactly how much they mean to you. it never hurts to share good feelings.