" just the goods "


just simple things as usual.

pass on your knowledge. no one can benefit from your light if you keep it clutched tightly in your clasped palms. be a source of information, facts, tips, inspiration, and confidence-building. we all needed help at one time, and it helps the world to help out where and when you are able.

meditation, while not for everyone, is actually a practice which is great for everyone. not all are keen to sit still and contemplate nothing. but the repercussions of not taking time out of your day/wee/month/year/life, is that your body collapses and crumples in on itself. all that pent up frustration and energy just lingering along the lengths of your muscles with no outlets for flexion. give yourself a break at least once a day, and you will feel great in small increments.

eat well and include the idea of fresh into your diet without sacrificing all the horribly indulgent. no one but yourself can bring about a change in any of the patterns and habits you currently have. at least not outright. do your best to remain healthful, and hopefully you will be strong enough physically to fight off disease when it eventually take a swing at your wellbeing.

dance anywhere and everywhere.

hug people! it releases endorphins.

dare to skip or frolic. all of those people, those faceless masses you constantly worry are staring at you with their ominous cold judgmental eyes? they'll never remember you were there in ten minutes.

be nice.

be kind.

spread the good word.

tonight's homework:

you did such a great job this week. congratulations and thank you for your valiant efforts. enjoy your weekend, and we'll see you next week.