" karaoke as therapy "


how do you feel? is your hair in a good state? are you tense from the pressures of the day? are you anxious, relaxed, how does your skeleton feel? are you happy?

taking a moment to confront your physical Self helps me to remind myself that despite all f my perceived inherent flaws, these are the hard-won trophies of years of life; these are the beautiful results of living.

each day i try to do something good for myself, my people, my career, my pale of residence, and for the world at large. i don't always succeed in these daily one-offs, but i make the attempt to stick to my abilities.

we try so hard at times to get away from ourselves, to escape our overbearing overwhelming thoughts, away from aggression, from desire, from pain and anguish. of course it is never easy to ease through states of being, but in taking care of realistic goals in the pursuit of larger broader ones, eventually things begin to happen.

the insurmountable tasks lessen in its endlessness, sadness lifts, hope reawakens and your entire life energy refreshes. i hope you will give it chance. perhaps pick one activity that makes you feel amazing. one that heals and elates, one that brings yourself out of your funk, and releases all the woes in your day-to-day. this is the healing power of simple pleasures.

tonight's homework:

the next time you catch your reflection in the mirror or a reflective surface, just linger there for a moment. give it some time to reintroduce yourself to yourself. see into your strengths and count your blessings aloud; you will find that they vastly outweigh your supposed faults.