" keep that head up "


end of the week, and there are many things out of your control. famines, wars, deaths, inexplicable disease. of course it is easy to become overwhelmed with a sweeping sense of powerlessness.

but take a moment to realize those aspects of existence you can change. if you think real hard about it, what are some things you can do right now, tonight, tomorrow or in the next week's time to implement a change in your life, in your community, the world at large?

a thankless act of kindness can speak volumes, and the results of which go on to positively alter the life of perhaps not solely one but many people.all it takes is the will and a plan of action.

we must strive to do better for ourselves and our community. to be better people for ourselves, so that we may help others, friends and family and strangers. remember this in the week to come. make a difference for the good of the present and for the future.

tonight's homework:

be good to your body. be good to your mind. be good to your spirit.