" learning from the past "


forging ahead with a full force is fine, but if there is no sense of Self which existed before, there is no reflection, no consideration, and ultimately no growth.

we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of those who had the gumption, but lacked perspective. perhaps instead of relying on those who make the policies, speak for us in our names, and create the rules which regulate most of our daily lives, we should begin with ourselves as individuals.

looking back at past work, past images, past mistakes, and past failures, allows me to offset future grief. it's a great feeling when you find yourself building up and strengthening, rather than blithely placing those false keystones.

i've been really trying hard to get it all together, to make a clear way in my mind so that when i find myself hurtling forward with inspiration and creative momentum, i can get out of my own way. it's been a nice change from constantly tripping over my own feet, then getting frustrated and giving up. there's a real opportunity out there, and it starts with you.

tonight's homework:

reflect, make some adjustments, and give it a go. you're going to do great things.