" le point culminant "


it has come time to sever all ties with this sense of fear and dread. no more holding in tension and frustrations. no more keeping quiet and meek. no more stepping out of the way, or kowtowing to subversive pressures.

this is that time, that one scene in the film where the main character gets out of their own way, and begins to crawl up and out of the darkness of their own actions. the part where we as the audience finds a great parallel with them, and sees that we too have the ability to make positive change in the name of self-betterment.

only forward motion, only open expanses of bright constructive thoughts and actions. only love and openness and fits of brilliance and creativity. only making strides and never defining a fault without a glimpse of a solution.

tonight's homework:

measure twice, cut once. if it's cloth, have a steady hand. if it's cake, be sure to share.