" letting free your worry "


so many good people are surrounding me, as we float about three-dimensional space like galactic minerals. dancing, laughing, swaying, in and out of climes, flexing, regenerating, resting.

i am constantly finding myself releasing a tension throughout my body. i catch myself making a sort of strain in my entirety which stems from making sure that everyone made it here from there, that everyone had some food, some drink, so chairs, some time to play along. and i forget to also be one of those people who let's loose the taut demeanor.

to be free amongst your peers, so shine like a golden gleam in the shadows, to indulge and pass through and about so many beautiful lives, this is the waking dream.

tonight's homework:

a few measures of bulleit bourbon to warm the soul, a slice of chocolate cake to ease the pain, and a lingering hug with friends to let them know you're not ready to see them off at the end of the night.