" lie in wait "


things need time to develop, to mature. there are base element reactions spanning eras, swirling luxurious molecular flotsams and languid jetsams intermingling, and the adage "patience is a virtue" slowly comes true.

it's too much to expect everyone to slow down in these times. even the words i'm typing out are read on devices of an electronic manner. it's a transmission, an electronic impulse which flickers and phases; the very nature of the comprehension means to access and utilize a combination of machinery and technology based on speediness.

but as corporeal beings, it behooves us to calm our pace at times. the benefits of which we may allow the narrative of our lives to develop. we must allow time itself to adhere to it's own calculations, and be humbled by chronology. 

there's no need for the shortcut, the click ahead, the secret portals to the future, or the engagement of skipping ahead. i desire the slow paths, the deliberate leisure of a glacial progression.

it is in the unfolding of this usually compacted sense of time passing, we are able to witness truths, and appreciate the unabashed raw loveliness that living life is at what used to be called a common pace of life.

i believe in the good wait, the all in good times, and the scenic route lived fully, unhurried and gradual.

tonight's homework:

respect the pauses, savor the in-betweens, feast on the sweet rewards of the interlude.