" living the dream "


i wish i could find the image of the electrical synapse firing when an idea shifts from particles, molecules, and atoms into the light bulb illuminating. or the feeling of a love forming out of affinity, or the moment we fall into REM sleep and how the pulses in the brain become images.

whatever the visual expression of those instances, ideas form, love is fallen for, and dreams exist. we find so much meaning in our own experiences, and when we recount those experiences to others, it is astounding how much is parallel and how much is amazingly fresh.

how can we as a species lived for so long on the planet, and still not understand these shifts? why we dream, why the brain works like it does, and how at all falling in love exists as a social occurance.

we could delve deeper or merely at the surface, and it wouldn't make it any less affecting, any less powerful or meaningful. we come to crossroads every day and cross boundaries of what we deem to be impossible.

at times we astound ourselves.

when you share your experience with another, the story of your life extends, and sometimes inspires others to do more, push harder, be better, expand their mind, and enhance the quality of their life. we can touch the lives of others, their hearts, their minds, bodies, souls. it all.

what will you do today?

tonight's homework:

remind someone in your life who made a difference, that your life is better for knowing them. i bet they would appreciate it.