" living through osmosis "


inside, powerful thunderstorms pulse and inform the trajectory of all branches of fueled lightning throughout my body. what convergence, and what delight.

in the marrow, dense deltas stretch out their slender fractures. in the bones, elongated fluctuations find their way skirting the edges of musculature.

i am brimming with positive energies, and it powers my entirety. the day lengthens and wanes lovely, shifting at a snail's pace from deep red orange to a cascade of purple, indigo, cobalt, then blackness.

we can see in the dark and looking around at the faces gleaming in the shadows, laughing, merry, and bodies aflutter, all know that everything is going to be fantastic.

tonight's homework:

defy your instinct to be restless or lazy. get up! get out! explore! do amazing activities! bring a friend, and multiply this sense of wonder! live, long for, love, liberation.