" lovely variation "


such peculiar distribution of such interesting played pieces. i stood on the corner in the rain for just shy of ten minutes. the rain went in and out of steady and drizzle. some people on the streets rushed, some walked slowly with their kids, some just stood and looked at me looking at them.

across the street, i could see the most beautiful, repeated elegant billow of vapors emanating from the side of a building, probably a dry cleaners or some such. every time the light turned green, vehicles would slowly approach the steam, and their entirety would sink into the fluffy white, only their taillights aglow remained visible.

it was as if i were alone in seeing this beauty; a private display of a mystical convergence, for my eyes only. i could only think of how touching and lovely the scene as a whole was and whispered aloud for no one to hear,"i love what you've done there."

tonight's homework:

keep them peepers open. there is so much happening out there, and it would be a shame to walk into a pole while texting someone.