" low orbit "


it's so quiet here. the pressure density, the vast black of it all, the beauty.

there are no vibrations in the molecules in the air here; there is no air. only eternity and a sensation of a heartbeat to remind you that you are vital.

i feel i have found the perfect roll and pitch to align myself to it all, but have no mastery of the yaw. am i endlessly tilting along the wrong axis? will i ever be face to face with her?

we spend so much of our time in hopes and dreams, that when putting the right coordinates and planning into action, the future perhaps does not always grow nearer with a clarity.

but i'm doing my best, in all circumstances and advancements however miniscule. on course to maintaining a stable velocity, increasing altitude in whispered increments.

tonight's homework:

make eye contact, stand up straight, match energies, and do your best to make someone feel special.