" making great strides "


in each new day a promise of great adventure. we have to make the attempt at paralleling our daily activities with the flow of this linear existence. whether that's in making detailed plans down to the minute, or no plans at all, this life can shift and ebb drastically and without provocation.

i take a meticulous care to do my best in all situations; a little semblance of control in the name of punctuality, a little chaos and randomness in the name of spontaneity. you can never really know what lies ahead, but the revelry in the anticipation is so exciting, so blissful.

even quiet moments can make great strides.

so, i am venturing forth and seeing a little more of the world, in the hopes of seeing a little more of myself. i have a template, but as always nothing is certain. and i am eager to embrace that curiosity with open arms.

farewell, farewell, until we meet again.

tonight's homework (for the next two weeks):

wish someone luck on their journey, however short, however long. there is a great comfort extended to those who know someone is on their side rallying for them, and will miss their company. take care of the ones you love.