" mercury retrograde can suck an egg "


there's no destiny manifest, no fear from unknown forces, no waiting to see how it all turns out. inaction, deferral, lack of responsibility? these are the things which fuel your downward spiral.

you bring your own energies to each moment, into each decision, into each interaction, so don't rest your hopes on the alignment of planets for the betterment of your existence. seek a bold path, a new way to head, far and away from horoscope eventualities and broad strokes.

this is the time foe details to be hashed, checklists to be made and boxes to be ticked. speak out loud, write concise clear notation, make moves, be aware, conscious, and honest.

there are no more avenues for excuses, only distinctions between what wastes your time, and what simple motions hold mutually beneficial outcomes. the fear and hesitation is normal, but it is now what you will do in the face of such fear and potential failure which makes you a person worth the time of day.

tonight's homework:

what can you do in the next few days to make the lives of those whom you care for a better place? have a think on that one, and then put your ideas into action.