" enter and be welcomed "


every time i worry about sorrow, love, heartbreak, money, the nature of loyalty and friendship, i try to remember that everything i have ever experienced, everything i have ever eaten, dreamed, said, felt, and noticed, as existed on this planet.

the immense smallness of my life in the grand tome of the universe is but the hint of a wisp of a thought of a scribbled footnote. and what a sublime footnote it has been and continues to be. to have had so many joys to drown out my sorrow, to have had both heart-break and heart-mend. to have seen and smelled and felt and gripped all that i have held in these hands; it has been a great and profound time.

but what of the future of it all? what will happen to my molecules? how do my quarks feel, and how stable are my sub-atomic particles? do they hope and dream and care, or remain indifferent to my needs, wants and desires?

i would like to believe that in all that i am, in all of my being, resides the potential for infinite joys and endless revelry. so in that sentiment, i do my best to live this way, and share it with all that i meet.

it will take courage, bravery, openness, and a lick of the clever to find me with my guard down, and who will try me? we live our lives true blue, for the best times when everything is everything, and the worst where we meet our fears face to face. the hot breath of that confrontation lingers and affects, and yet we muster strength for days ahead.

the past few days have been warm and comforting; a long-gone sense of calm and beauty from the world suddenly reappeared like a specter of a past memory. you never know how long love and good will, much like good weather will last, so do your best to be that version of yourself which is instinct and honesty. there is no satisfaction in deception.

tonight's homework:

write a five line story about your day. include a broad stroke of description, perhaps a line about the location, and the demeanor of the day. and if you wish, end it with a definitive reflection, or a ponderous questions, and some of us do.