" motivation hibernation "


no time like the present at all times. i can see that i've been in a deep slumber, inactive except to forage for sustenance and water. only the bare essentials were gathered, then strewn about me as if a comfort pile created to deflect responsibility to the advancement of the Self.

i've been so comfortable for so long. it's time for the snooze button to cease existing.

eyes open, heat rate rising, blood pumping through long-dormant veins, ideas a flutter, connections, synapses, avenues of thought, plan making, money where the mouth is, actions louder than words, words speaking volumes and not just chatter in the pauses.

it's time. it's time it's time it's time. now is the time.

the time is now.

tonight's homework:

get up! get out! get ready! get get get it all!