" navigation of Self "


listen in close to those gems who instill the wonderment and awe of living your artwork. every experience an inspiration, every reflection an opportunity to fine tune, and each interaction a chance at renewal.

i spend a fair amount of my time existing between in a state of niggling doubt and jittery confidence. the portion of my time where it blurs and intersects reminds me how there are no pure states of being, but there can exist pure states of intention.

when you seek for support or salvation in the gleaming beacons in the world, they can show you a way. this is not the only way, but it does give you a glimpse into a certain version of the way that has worked for some on their own path.

if you remain interested in the notion that you yourself has the same infinite potential as your peers, heroes, and contemporaries, then there is a great hope that your artistic output will mesh with your sense of reality. you can make this a life of creativity, not solely crafting together project or works of art, but becoming the embodiment of leading an artistic life.

tonight's homework:

though you are a work of art, set time aside to know your surroundings and the wider world around you. perspective is a powerful tool for the development of your vision.