" nervous energy "


confronted with the perceived limitations of my Self, face flush blood hot and shivers sent all throughout the nervous system. lights rack in and out of focus behind my eyelids as i reel back into my mind.

the world goes dark and devoid of sound.

how long have i been here in this dense black? why do i find myself unable to move and escape?

and then lights begin to form as if a great distance away, glowing and growing in intensity, then dissipating. then i begin to hear sounds of my hands, the room and how it reverberates, the wind outside the windows, and the streets below.

coming more and more into the present and away from the dim dreamscape, the glowing lights grow warmer, brighter, until they fill up all the blackest crevices and obliterate all shade and shadow.

my eyes open and i am renewed into the clear light spilling in through the curtains. they flutter as if the energies and beams pushed them aside to gain entrance.

tonight's homework:

face a fear outright, and experience all the heat of confrontation. then move through and past it. you too can be filled with an unknown strength.