" no one-trick pony "


you stand before yourself in a reflected surface. sometimes you feel down at what you see, despite the fact that only the glory of outer universes in formation can match your dark beauty.

it's a tough time to align yourself with the unknowable, but when you have the sense that what is known is askew, when what you feel is this certain version of reality is off-kilter and misrepresentative, what is the alternative.

we are working hard every day to redefine this experience. one step forward or back, we do not live in a binary world anymore, so sometimes we need to sidestep negativity, self-loathing, and the mind's own blocks.

basic good manners, an eye for the fine details, a sense of bravery, a cautious nature overthrown by a more demanding sense of curiosity, repercussions be damned. you lead with guts and reaction built upon a base of passion, determination to write your own story, and an indelible will to be seen and understood

you did not create the words in your vocabulary, but you can rearrange them to reveal your truths.

tonight's homework:

live that life, seek those moments of amazement and satisfaction, multiple. eyes closed or eyes open, the wheel comes around.