" oh snap! "


i mean, it's just astounding but not surprising, just how much effort goes into a project, and the potentially amazing outcomes.

my downstairs neighbors came up on halloween and knocked in an ominous rapping manner, as if it were the grim reaper. i had people over, and we were all perplexed. it being my apartment, i ventured to open the door.

and it was fantastical! magical! it breathed life back into costuming and creativity and sheer dedication! my friend inside thought i was being attacked, and when i opened the door wide to reveal to them this majesty, everyone lost their minds!

the fact that my neighbors remained calm and subdued really added to their presence. all it takes is a little effort. just willpower, inspiration, and followthrough.

thank you so much for the reminders neighbors. you thoroughly won the contest.

tonight's homework:

grease up them elbows, storm them brains, and get a mosey on it; there's no time to waste!