one day without an image


as expected, following the announcement that fujifilm FP-3000b peel-apart film will be discontinued, many of the major photographic supply companies are showing that the item is now back-ordered.

does this not show that there is an inherent demand for this product? and locally as well? and if locally, then for sure globally, or as fujifilm itself describes, world-wide?

(you can still at this time of course, sign the petition created on…of which i highly suggest doing.)

there is a demand. i know i speak for myself in saying that the film is amazing and spectacular, but isn’t it really that it’s the only b/w peel-apart film left? it’s a sure thing to have a lockdown on the sole black and white peel-apart film, compatible with cameras that are riding a surge of popularity and usage.

on a premeditated, pseudo-hesitant whim of nervousness and anxiety, i purchased a crate of the film, and now i see it was less a folly and more of a necessity, as i can now not even guarantee another order until the company’s themselves have it back in stock.

curiouser and curiouser.

that all being said, if anyone wants to send me any presents, i think you know what i’m looking for in the world at the moment. i hope everyone did as i did and stocked up when they could.

happy shooting, and best of luck to us all.


did you purchase some boxes following the announcement, or stock up before the weekend?