" one amongst the many "


when you find yourself in a pickle, those attributes are like extra shielding able to absorb and alter the course of harm and judgement. sometimes i catch myself remembering that i'm both in and out of my comfort zone at all times. we can only rely on our touchstones so much, until we have to be the reached full potential of our hearts and dreams.

we have to be fully realized at the most important moments, and be prepared to encounter the wide world at large, and move forward. summoning up the courage to speak your mind takes a lot of strength. the sort which means you are ready to deflect criticism, defend your beliefs, and speak up for yourself.

tonight's homework:

the road is long, and time so short. now at the beginning of another year, in a time of transformation and rediscovery of our true skills, talents, and desires, you should find you had the strength all along. give it a go.