" one-hitter "


how rare times come around where we are outside of ourselves, outside of time, and yet seeing with a pure clarity? that there is such a radiance in the chaotic semblance of reality. that there is a chaos, and a certain quite opposite or in the least alternate quality of beauty of which becomes the basis for a version of reality as of yet before unchecked.

to know that you have been affected and in the best possible way, changed forever for the better. to know and understand that there was a time before this, and now you are in the time afterwards. 

and just for a moment, a glimpse into the infinite. one devoid of harm or illness, where music originated, and the first leaning of knowledge developed.

one true still calm filled with a complete understanding of the universe; everything finds its groove and nestles into the shallows.

tonight's homework:

pass the dutchie on the left-hand side.