" one more hour "


we are defiant of the darkness, defiant of the light, and through the manipulation of the regulations of time itself, we grow ever-weary of treating the hours like segmented slices of temporal units.

the debate of what really are the modern benefits of daylight savings becomes moot when faced with the more important questions: will an hour more or less make you happier in the long run? what are the long-term effects of shifting back and forth through time? 

does the average citizen create more opportunity for themselves and those around them due to gain or the loss? do we get more done in this "added" hour? do we falter in our daily responsibilities due to the "lost" hour?

in my longview, i find myself only slightly affected; i can see how much the shift makes little difference if you haven't actively sought out expression, a sense of love and its dimensions, or spent the day or night making connections of a true weight, unyielding, and not fleeting in nature.


tonight's homework:

don't think of this "lost" hour as a loss of chances. create your own template, craft your own itinerary, and follow your own breadcrumbs to your multiple successes.