" onward, loftier goals "


such a strange past couple weeks. at the least, i learned that my body can still function on an average of 3-5 hours of sleep each night albeit with a noticeable increase in uncontrollable eye-twitching.

at the most, i learned that falling asleep while standing up on a moving subway train; the body growing weary, getting heavier and musculature sinking into itself, then the whole structure finding itself at a complete rest before bucking and jolting awake like a dense shock struck at such a jarring angle, the entire architecture is overcome as submits to gravity's deft pull.

and in between, such a peace and calm of spirit. throughout the day, such an extended sense of Self and solace interspersed with fits of laughter and boisterous rousing. not sure if lessons are to be learned, but i hope that the weekend en route is filled with rest and relaxation.

it was a strange past couple weeks.

tonight's homework:

hot sweltering nights, cool dish of ice cream.