" onward into the fray "


headlong and headstrong into the great unknown. very much unsure of what is to come, what tasks i must face, and what future challenges i must overcome, but what energy.

everything looks so laid out and planned, so ducks in a row and geometric, so outcomes-foreseen. and therein lies the twist!

so many ways it can all turn out, and how does this linear life dictate and influence how we act now? what is the best course of action? how may i best prepare myself? endless endless and on and on.

in the past month or so, how joyous a momentum has been built. from potential to kinetic, from a sludge to a revving of the spirit and constitution. always existing in a place where many versions of everything may happen has now come to wash over my like waves, like the unseen signals, like a creative reverberation throughout the constellations forming inside of my marrow.

tonight's homework:

make preparations! everything is happening all the time! woot!