" outdoor naps & other revelations "


on the first of every first of whatever, it is always a good time to clean your room, mind, body, soul, apartment, garden, house, relationships, dress shoes, browser history.

an overcast day can at times lead to great balcony hangs.

binge-watching star trek episodes is a great peripheral activity to editing photos.

drinking full glasses of clear clean water is really refreshing in a humid environment.

if someone needs help, attempt to put their needs before yours; you can always not do so many things later.

if you see items that already exist in the world, there is always no immediate rush to need to purchase them at 3am online. sleep, dream up, save that money until you can adequately discern between new owner's glee and potential buyer's remorse.

hammocks are perfect products for the transition from standing to dreamland.

what we may fear the most can drive us inward, or help us to overcome, and in some instances heal.

ice cream is a decent choice for dinner, but you may have to brace yourself for potential nightmares.

realizing that you must pay your rent is disheartening, but the fact that you can afford it makes up for the massive dip in your accounts.

putting your friend & family's needs before your own are insanely rewarding, and also making time for your own desires is a good thing to schedule in as well.

even though clipping one's toenails increases in difficulty with age, nevertheless it is still a practice that is hygienic and necessary.

love and the promise of love is still pretty rad.