" outskirts, looking in "


from up here everything is silent, save the restless winds coming off of the river. savage intermittent barks echo off of the aluminum siding, and the sun hits and is absorbed into the spacious black tar of the yard.

one hundred paces in either direction; not a soul is in sight. the warmth of a spring emerging fills the entirety of my body, and my souls soars, lifting off the ground.

the city is waking up, and the bridge is beginning to jostle and shudder as delivery trucks and busses begin to amble on through the long lanes of the frontage roads.

the moment of pause is gone. my feet once again find their footing, i turn my face away from the wide expanse and begin walking to streets previously unexplored.

tonight's homework:

have a dare to have a dream, then set out to accomplish said dream with gusto and verve. no one can do this for you, and there's usually only just this one chance. go for it. believe in yourself. you can do this.