" parallel galaxies: a dream "


everyone is close or in the least nearby. the sun hangs low and true; no clouds are in the sky today. i can see tears forming in the eyes of one of the girls, but they are not of pain or sorrow. these are the tears of us completing our escape; these are the tears of revelation and how our lives have just changed forever.

we are walking into the thrift store. i forget whose idea it was, but it was a good one. i walked straight to the used electronics section and knelt down to see if there were any new wares come in. radio, radio, boom box, a few universal remotes sans battery doors, and then there they are...very used but original polaroid cameras. one was a black 600 classic clamshell model, plastic with a rainbow strip down the face.

opening it up, i could hear the high-pitched frequency of a battery sending its energy into the embedded flash unit; this was the tune of angels whispering in the afternoon. the other camera turned out to be a curious one-off camera projector unit which still whirred into action. the only drawback being, you needed to plug it in for it to operate. at $15 dollars i thought to get it, but then remembered i didn't have anywhere to put it; i have so much stuff at home.

in the distance i could hear the BART trains passing by. the whole world slowed down and everything in my vision turned fuzzy as if reality were being disturbed. everything returned to normal after a brief flicker of white noise.

we made our way to the baseball game to stretch out the time, although for the life of me, i couldn't remember what we were waiting for. because of the abruptness of our shifting plans, i had to buy the tickets at the kiosk. the total price came to $11K, which i thought was too much for any game, but what other choice did we have? evening came and the air cooled. the large screen came on, and we all looked up. it was an image of the game being played, but when i gazed down at the field, it was empty, like a pristine lawn. all of the attendees were there, but no players. the stars came out high above in the sky. it seemed that this was what we were waiting for, and we all looked at each other smiling.

the announcer blared a welcome over the loudspeakers. he pointed out that there were special guests at the ballpark, and for everyone to look up, straight up and deep into the heavens. there sat amongst the moon-illuminated clouds, intertwined like twin celestials in the night sky, two immense deities taking great interest in the orbiting planets, their shimmering star-parts glowing and flickering about one another, and each one completely uninterested in the pursuits or desires of mankind.

tonight's homework:

go to bed early, you need your rest.